Support our District Governor Nominee in time of need!
As you may be aware, Kammi Shaw (Albon's wife) is in the hospital in Denver and will most likely be there for several weeks at a minimum. I know that a great many Rotarians have reached out to them to see what we can do to help out. Albon's still in good spirits. Kammi is making progress, but they think she will have to be in Denver for at least a few weeks or a month, and probably longer, depending on a bunch of things. They have rented a house to stay in for the remainder of the month thru Furnished Finder. They have that rented until the end of June, then will reassess. 
I wanted to do something for them, and the only thing I could think of was gift cards, which he could use for the house or for groceries, or grub hub or whatever they need. I'm sure all of this is going to be uber expensive, and they're both unable to work for now as well, as they are both self employed. 
So, I started a Kudoboard for them. If you click on the link below it will allow you to send a picture or video, type in a message, and if you want to help out, send some money as well, in whatever amount you choose (it is anonymous, both him and I can only see the total amount collected). Albon can then redeem it as a PayPal or Venmo transfer, ACH or a visa online gift card, as well as other gift card options. This way he can choose what they need most. If you can't help, please at least sign the card and send him a nice message to lift his spirits. 
Sign the card here- follow the link and click "Add to Board"
I will leave it open for a week or so, then send it to him. Can you also please forward to any Rotarians that you think may want to sign please and thank you?
I'm sure he will love to hear from everyone, and it will brighten his day. 
Shurie Scheel 
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