Date: October 19, 2024 (moved!)

    Event Overview: 

    • The format for play and fundraising will follow the successful model used last year. 
    • Last year’s inaugural event raised approximately $36,000. 
    • Funds from the event were used to purchase six cars for families in need.
    • The provision of six cars has significantly improved the lives of participants by enabling better access to education and work opportunities. 
    • Beneficiaries are pursuing degrees, returning to school, and caring for their families, efforts that are greatly facilitated by reliable transportation, especially crucial in northern Colorado. 

    Current Status

    • 15 out of 18 court sponsorships have been committed. 
    • We'll be calling on members to help secure the remaining sponsorships. 

    Call to Action

    • The Foothills Rotary appreciates your past support and seeks your continued support to replicate last year’s success. 
    • Your participation and contributions are vital to making a meaningful difference in the community again this year.
    Thank you for your ongoing support!
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