Posted by Mike Hohl

“Why should we grow? I like our club size just the way it is now and I don’t think we should get any bigger.”

I suspect many Foothills members have this opinion, me being one of them! So why are we always talking about adding new members? Here is the reason. As of February 20th, as I write this article, we have 106 members. We started our Rotary year on July 1st with 107 members. Since July we have transferred and added 6 new members to our club, which is fantastic; however, during that same timeframe, for various reasons, we have had 7 members resign.

This is the typical pattern for our membership for the last several years – we encounter about 12 – 15 resignations annually. Consequently, in order to MAINTAIN about 100+ members in Foothills, we need to recruit and add roughly one good Rotarian every month. I am sure you all know a family member, neighbor, colleague or friend who would make a great Rotarian. Invite them to one of our meetings and let’s all pitch in to MAINTAIN Foothills Rotary at 107 members!