Posted by Mike Hohl on Dec 01, 2017

First and foremost I want to thank the members of the membership committee for their willingness to step up and be part of the effort to grow and retain members in the our club - Chris Coley, John Davis, Dale Gorsky, Dave Armstrong and Pete Bullard thanks for your efforts!

We started our club year on July 1st with 107 members and after 3 new members, 3 transfers in, 6 resignations and 1 transfer out, we will be at 106 members at the end of the calendar year. Job changes, relocations and life changes in today’s busy world lead to members needing to transfer or resign - this is expected. Consequently, we have to actively seek out friends, colleagues, neighbors and family members who will make good Rotarians. We all know and talk to these prospective members every day! We just don’t think about inviting them to a Rotary meeting and one of JD’s terrific programs. We have a lot of fun and our meetings are great - share them with a prospective member. My challenge to every Foothills member is bring just ONE prospective member to a meeting before June 1st! I am positive that each of us has multiple people in our sphere of influence who would be great Foothills Rotarians - all I ask is that you bring just one to a meeting! Share our good time!

I wish all of you a joyous Holiday Season with friends and family.

Mike Hohl, PEN & Membership Chair

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