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President's MessageCurtis Carlson
Our Club Picnic is right around the corner!Jenn Cuningham
Ale Trail updateBruce Hottman
Bon Voyage to Austen, outbound exchangeAusten Brodeen
Update on Dennis HogertyJacque Niedringhaus
New member!Will Hotz
Membership updateKaren Morgan
President's Message

Well I have the first few weeks under my belt and I kind of feel like I am getting the hang of it. That probably just means I am due to have everything fall apart on me now. I’m kidding, I am really enjoying serving as your President hopefully it isn’t too painful for all of you.

What I continue to be amazed by is how much all of our members do behind the scenes to make our club what it is, it is very inspiring.  Here is what has happened already during the first part of my tenure that you may not be aware of:

  • Kathe Haake, Bill Hart, Ray Swanson & Kelly Moll have our International Community Service committee running on all cylinders.  The once again obtained a District Grant for our Rise Against Hunger (fka Stop Hunger Now) event, and they also have completed all of the necessary steps to obtain a Global Grant for the water filter project that Ray Swanson introduced our club to last year.
  • The Fort Collins Ale Trail continues to grow with over $5,000 raised for our designated charities since being rolled out at the end of May!!!
  • Chris Richmond has taken the lead on organizing the first of 2 Rotation Days we will have this year. Thanks to Chris, Bruce Hottman, Jeff Schoonover, Kelly Moll & Erica Siemers for your efforts on this. I’m sure all the options will be a blast.
  • Our Evening Group is continuing to grow and provide the Ale Trail group with tons of support.  I strongly encourage you to attend one of their meetings to see what they are up to, plus you get to drink beer at their meetings.
  • We inducted Wil Hotz, and we have applications out to a couple of other prospective members, so keep bringing your guests and introducing them to all the awesome things we do as Rotarians.

Not too bad for just a couple of months.  Anyways, thanks so much to all of you for your help & support in accomplishing all of these great things.  More great things to come in the future I’m sure.

President Curtis

Our Club Picnic is right around the corner!

Our great social committee has set up this year's Club Picnic for us - it should be fantastic!

Sunday, September 10, 3:00-6:00pm

Mark Goldrich's house
1212 Clark St
Fort Collins 80524

We'll have:

  • Hog Wild BBQ
  • Beer, wine, soda, water
  • Inflatable slides and bouncers for the kids
  • Face painting, yard games

This highlight event is free for Club members and their families, but please RSVP to Jenn at

Ale Trail update!

The club’s “Fort Collins Ale Trail” has been up and running now for just under 3 months. This would not work without the hard work from all the Rotarians who have helped make this a success. Thank you!!!

Most of our work to date has been on gaining exposure of the Ale Trail to the community. We have done this several ways, primarily by placing material in our partner Breweries and by attending events throughout the summer.


  • Over $7,000 raised for Charity since inception.
  • Over 800 downloads to date
  • Nearly 400 Trail Passes sold
  • 49 Rotarians have worked festivals, provided marketing support, and committee support
  • The entire evening group has been engaged in critical aspects of this fundraiser
  • 6 Events attended, more throughout the fall!
  • iHeart Radio (94.9), teamed up with FCAT & the Breweries for Ale Trail days
  • We developed an FCAT video… check it out!

Our Charities are why we do this! Here is how people have selected their contribution:

  • Food Bank of Larimer County 24%
  • SAVA - Sexual Assault Victim Advocate Center 23%
  • Coalition for the Poudre Watershed 25%
  • The Rotary Foundation – PolioPlus 28%

We’ve attended the following events with great results:

  • Prost Kickoff Party – Over 230 attendees – 205 Trail Passes sold
  • Taste of Fort Collins – 1300 contacts made – 18 Trail Passes sold
  • Breakfast Club – Golf Tourney 100 contacts made – 22 Trail Passes sold
  • Fort Collins Brewfest – 1500 contacts made – 39 Trail Passes sold
  • New West Fest – 800 contacts made – 18 Trail Passes sold
  • Peach Festival – 1000 contacts made – 66 Trail Passes sold

Upcoming Events

Ale Trail Days

  1. Odell Brewing with iHeart radio August 30
  2. Intersect with iHeart radio Sept TBD
  3. McClellan’s with iHeart radio Oct TBD

We’ve teamed with iHeart Radio (that’s 94.9 on your FM dial) who will broadcast the event and provide significant marketing for us. We need Rotarians to come to the event on these days, invite your friends, wear your Ale Trail t-shirt & talk to guests at the Brewery about our Trail!!

Fortoberfest Sept 16

Another fun event winding down the summer season. We expect this will be a great crowd who will be interested in the Ale Trail. Our goal to continue spreading the word & to sell Trail Passes.

CSU Home Football Games

Nothing is planned yet, but we have access to The Group Inc tent to promote the Ale Trail.If you have any ideas, please talk to the Ale Trail Committee.

Upcoming programs

Gift Card Program

We’re creating a credit card looking gift card to sell to individuals. This is basically the Trail Pass, but looks much better than our paper version.

Corporate employee incentives and team builders

Once the gift cards are ready we plan to sell the Gift Cards to companies for employee incentives & team building incentives! If you want to buy some for your company or know of a company you can market to, please talk to the Ale Trail Committee!

Brewery Blitz

We will continue to put marketing material (framed posters, table tents and coasters) at the Breweries. We also plan to continue the Ale Trail Days at a Brewery each month of the year!


The next version of the App will allow us to include Corporate Sponsors. Although this is a future update, we want to start targeting companies now, please give us any ideas on which companies we can get as sponsors! In our initial proforma, sponsors were a significant revenue stream, so your help is needed. Talk to the Ale Trial Committee with your ideas!

How can you help?

  • Buy and wear your Ale Trail T-shirt around town
  • Check out the list of opportunities on the white board to help fund marketing programs or volunteer time at events
  • Attend Ale Trail Days:
    • Odell – August 30th
    • Intersect in September
    • McClellan’s in October
  • Tell your friends and neighbors about the Trail
  • Take some Trail Pass Gift cards and sell to your friends, and identify a corporate sponsor.
  • Email our Video to friends!

Thank you!!

Thanks again to our entire club who have supported this fundraiser! We’ll continue to ask for help as we gain the momentum needed for this to run by itself. Hopefully the support isn’t over burdensome, and it’s never a bad job to meet at the breweries! Let the committee know of ideas or concerns. Thank you Rotarians of the Fort Collins Foothills Rotary Club!

Bon Voyage to Austen, our outbound exchange student

I will be living in northern Italy, in the province of Lombardy, in a small town of about 30,000 people, called Crema. The town is about a 30 minute car ride to Milan and an hour by train. Crema, which means cream in Italian, is very well known for their dairy farming, in which they are the main dairy provide to Milan and other nearby cities. In fact, my host family has their own farm with about 500 cows!

What I'm most excited about with this opportunity, is meeting my host families, as well as immersing myself into Italian culture, and of course, the amazing authentic Italian food! I currently know only my first host family so far. I've been in contact with them since May. They have a daughter who is coming to District 5440, and will be living in Torrington, Wyoming.

While I'm abroad in Italy, I hope to come back home fluent in Italian and am currently excited to be able to progressively learn Italian by immersing myself into the culture. I am also excited to learn about what it's like to live in a small town and what living on a farm will be like.

Being able to spend a year abroad in a foreign nation with different customs is an amazing opportunity that everyone should have the chance to do, so I would graciously like to thank the Fort Collins Foothills Club for sponsoring me and allowing me to go study abroad in Italy!

Also, I just created a blog for my upcoming exchange. You'll be able to follow my adventures!

Thank you once again,
Austen Brodeen

Update on Dennis Hogerty

You all may remember that Dennis and Diane Hogerty moved to Ann Arbor, MI to live independently with their daughter, Meg. This past week Dennis' Alzheimers had developed to the point where it was best for him to change his residence to a memory care facility. This is the care facility Meg's husband had developed and the Hogertys planned to use.

Dennis was initially very confused, as you can imagine. They wanted him there a week before Diane would visit. He is settling in and charming the pants off everyone. More often than not so far Dennis is Dennis and we enjoy him when we can. Diane thinks that in a few weeks he'll be the Mayor of Memory Lane.

If you would like to send a message or card please send those to Diane and she will read them to Dennis.

Dennis Hogerty
c/o Diane Hogerty
3650 Daleview Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48106

Diane asks that you keep them in your prayers, this is a long road.

Welcome our new member, Wil Hotz!

I recently moved to Fort Collins from Broomfield, where I had been the last five years. I currently live alone with my dog but I do have a sister who lives in Silverthorne. I was born and raised in Nebraska, which is where my parents still currently live. I have a brother, but he lives with wife in kids, in Honduras.

I am Assistant Vice President at FirstBank , where I have worked for the last five years. I currently office out of the College and Columbia office, which is in front of the Whole Foods.

I joined Rotary because I am new to the area and I want to grow and build my connections and relationships in the community. Rotary has, in the past for me, been a good opportunity to serve the community and develop a knowledge and understanding of the community that I live in.

Membership update
For the Rotary year starting July 1st 2017, we have added the following members:
  • Will Hotz
  • Dustin Fisher
  • Scott Niedringhaus
We have lost these members:
  • Michael Shirazi
  • Rick Allnutt
We thank you all for your service, past and future!

Other News

Rotary aid for Hurricane Harvey victims

Hello All,

I have been in contact with our Rotary Clubs that are being impacted directly.  Rockport, Port Aransas, Aransas Pass, Port Lavaca, Goliad and Victoria.  Rockport High School and Aransas Pass High School collapsed last night with people seeking refuge.

Rotary District 5930 is partnered with McAllen North Rotary Fund - a 501(c)3 to set up an Emergency Relief Fund.

Please make checks to:

Rotary District 5930 
c/o McAllen North Rotary Fund -  Fed Tax Id# 27-3855943
501 W. Nolana
McAllen, TX  78504

THANK YOU and God Help Us All.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please send me a text at 956-683-5706.


Betty Ramirez-Lara
Rotary International District 5930 District Governor 2017-2018
PROUD Member of District Premiere McAllen South Rotary Club
Phone# 956-683-5706

Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.