April 12, 2019
An update from Dave Haase, Chair 2019 Peach Festival:
Just a quick summary of the Peach Festival meeting held this morning. First big thanks to Brian and the Village Inn folks for hosting us and the great deals they are giving us on peach pies and material support like a truck. All those items directly impact our bottom line to the good!
We are off to a great start with sponsorships, right now we have $26,000.00 in the bank from sponsors and another $17,500 in solid commitments and to be paid when contracts are signed. Our total of $43,500 compared to the sponsor total of $29,000 for the 2018 Peach Festival shows that getting Rotarians involved is a precursor to success! I hope that you all can share that story with your respective clubs. As representatives of the committee it is important that we share our progress.
Let’s keep this momentum going!
Dave Haase
Chair, 2019 Peach Festival Committee
Takeaways and updates from the Committee Meeting:
Expenses are being closely monitored. Just one example… due to the Committee’s new partnership with Brian, the owner of the Village Inn  (thank you AG Ted Cluett) as well as managing the count based on prior years, we will be saving approximately $6,000 on peach pie cost this year. Every dollar saved is another dollar Rotary can put to use to make people’s lives better.
Another highlight for Peach Festival 2019: the 5k Race will now be a qualifier for the Bolder-Boulder. Last year there were about 1100 race entrants. With this new race status a larger number of runners is expected.
Forthcoming plans for recruitment of volunteers… keep an eye peeled for further announcements.
Most importantly, the Committee expects overall attendance to exceed last year’s (nearly 20,000 attendees). The Peach Festival stands as an incredible opportunity for Rotary and Rotarians to be out in the Community together… showing the Community who we are and some of what we do…
On to the announcements for this week.
April 16th: 
Inspiration:  Andrea Walrath
Greeters:  Dary Northrop & Robin Wick
Joke Master Vince Lubenow
Fine Master:  Garrett Tate
April 16th
Dick Life
"Cold War Interaction With Soviet Military"
"Cold War Interaction With Soviet Military"
Interactions presented include personal contact with:  Soviet Navy Attaches; delegations of senior Soviet Navy officers visiting the U.S.; a Soviet defector killed by the KGB (secret police); conversations with Soviet admirals and generals during two years living in the USSR; incidents with KGB and military "tails" monitoring us; an attempted co-option by a "Red Sparrow"; and the first time in history US Navy ships visited the Soviet Union.
- Ale Trail Days: April 24th will be at Timnath Beerworks. These are great opportunities to let the community know about Rotary and how they can donate money to local charities by drinking beer!
-  If you haven't downloaded the NEW Fort Collins Ale Trail app yet (DonorTrail), do it now at the Apple App Store or Google Play
-  The Evening Group will be meeting at Hop Grenade, 5:00pm to 6:00pm, next meeting, Tuesday April 16th.
Ale Trail Gift Cards are now available!
See you all next Tuesday!
President Chris

Evening Group News

The group will be meeting at Hop Grenade. It's in the Foothills Mall, 347 E Foothills Pkwy #120. It's just north of the theatre! Come check out another one of our great Ale Trail participants! We'll be working on our projects, 5:00-6:00 on December 11th, January 8th, January 22nd, and so on.

Please like the Facebook page for the Ale Trail at and tag us when you are at any of the participating breweries. We are trying to generate more content for Facebook and Instagram!


Thank you to our generous Cornhole sponsors!
Two ad slots left!

Our club would like to thank the generous advertisers who have helped us defray the entire cost of our website for the last year! This has been such a huge help for us to apply our club's funding to benefiting the community and improving the world.

We only have two of the ten slots available at this point!

If you would like to help out, or know someone would would be a great supporter, please download the sponsorship guide here and then fill out this form. All ads will be approved by our Club's board, to ensure a good representation of Rotary.

Contact Carl if you have any questions!

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