Our club leadership


Club Officers

President:Chris Coley (970) 682-1984

Immediate Past-President: Curtis Carlson (970) 660-9044

President-Elect: Karen Morgan (970) 225-2494

Secretary: Jenn Cuningham (970) 460-3033

Treasurer: Linda Vomaske (970) 222-5305


Board of Directors

Terms for Board members run for three years from July 1st through June 30th. Thanks to all who serve.


Erica Siemers
Ruth Lutes
Scott Woods


Jenn Cuningham
Kelly Moll
Pete Thomas


Dave Armstrong
Nancy Terry
Sid Fahsholtz

Committee Chairs

Club Service - Scott Woods

Membership - Mike Hohl

Community and International Service - Pete Thomas

New Generations - Nancy Terry

Vocational Service - Erica Siemers

Community Engagement - Carl Dierschow